Bellforte Consulting is a strategic consulting firm integrating a full range of business consulting capabilities. Our staff, faculty and partners are tested professionals with deep sector specific knowledge and the ability to lead and drive industry agenda.

We are experts in group dynamics, group processes, team building, decision making and consensus building.

Staff retreats typically are events that address the following issues: –

  • Facilitation of business performance review of the outgoing year
  • Facilitation of strategic sessions that disseminates existing business process framework or adoption of a new business operating standard and process policies
  • Facilitation of discussions and formation of recommendations on improving professionalism, adherence to core values, corporate culture and interpersonal communication skills (internal communication, external communication, and confidentiality).
  • Facilitation of strategic sessions and discussions in disseminating management’s strategic plan to the participating team members for the in-coming year and formation of annual goals and plans. Sometimes, company retreats serve as a forum in establishing an entirely new company strategic plan and corporate vision.
  • Facilitation of team bonding sessions to improve staff productivity and performance at the workplace by conducting various fun, challenging and engaging activities to strengthen team spirit, trust and collaboration among staff member and encourage an understanding of the role of teams in the work environment.
Benefits Of Bellforte Consulting As A Facilitator

Most organizations can benefit from using an outside facilitator for staff retreats.

As experienced facilitators, we will help clients plan the retreat, develop the agenda, and set realistic goals and expectations for the sessions. During the retreat, we will manage or “facilitate” the group discussions.

Retreat participants have a stake in the outcome of the discussions at the staff retreats.

This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator.

As facilitators, our management practice has no particular stake or interest in the issues being discussed, instead, our sole interest is in helping clients have a successful retreat.

In addition to helping clients plan the retreat beforehand, and managing the group discussions during the retreat, as facilitators, we will generally function as a recorder for the group by capturing the key points.

Finally, as facilitators, we will provide the company with a written report summarizing the discussions, any decisions that were made, and action steps to be taken.