Management Retreat Facilitation

Management Retreat Facilitation

Why hold a retreat?

There are as many reasons for doing a retreat as there are issues and challenges facing an organization. Among the most common uses of retreats are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Discussion of specific issues or challenges facing the organization
  • Team building
  • Problem-solving
  • Development of annual goals and objectives
  • Orienting new members

The Use of Bellforte Consulting as a Facilitator

Most organizations can benefit from using an outside facilitator for their retreats. An experienced facilitator will help you plan the retreat, develop the agenda, and set realistic goals and expectations for the session.

During the retreat, the facilitator manages or “facilitates” the group discussion.
Facilitators are experts in group dynamics, group processes, team building, decision making, and consensus-building. The facilitator should have no particular stake or interest in the issues being discussed. Their sole interest is in helping you have a successful retreat. It is difficult for a retreat participant to serve as the facilitator. Participants, if correctly selected to attend the retreat, do have a stake in the outcome of the discussions. This interest makes it very challenging for them to also serve as a neutral group facilitator.

In addition to helping, you plan the retreat beforehand, and managing the group discussion during the retreat, the facilitator will function as a recorder for the group by capturing the key points on a flip chart or on a computer.

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