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Training Overview

Sales are the operations, and activities that are involved in promoting and selling goods and services. Marketing is the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Sales and marketing are closely linked in their responsibilities and marketing has a vital role in supporting sales.

Sales and marketing courses are for everyone in the organisation. Every mem of the team plays a vital role in sales and marketing. As an owner of the business, it is important that the entire team is trained as they will have at some point customer contact.
With this training, it will teach you on how to effectively communicate and leadership skills. This will teach your staff how to communicate internally and externally. One of the greatest benefit of being enrolled on this course is that you are in a room with like-minded people that you can learn from. You can learn different sales and marketing tactics to help you excel in the company.

List of Courses

Key Account Management2195,000
Channel Success Essentials2195,000
Large Account Management (BestPractice)1110,000
Professional Selling Skills 1110,000
Business Development Skills for Technical Professionals1110,000
Social Media Marketing 1110,000
Channel Development and Management1110,000
Sales Territory Planning and Management1110,000
Brand Management 1110,000
Experiential Marketing (New trends)1110,000
Introduction to New Product Development2195,000
Strategic Marketing Management2195,000
Mastering Sales and Marketing in the Age of New Social Media1110,000
Client Management Strategies for Retention and Growth1110,000
Advanced Selling and Business Development Strategies1110,000
Sales and Customer Relationship1110,000
Sales Force Boot Camp (Master Class Edition)2195,000
Essentials of Digital Marketing1110,000

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