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Training Overview

The legal profession is highly competitive with a need to attract and retain both clients and in-house legal talent. Add to this, the seismic changes re-shaping the profession – technology, new forms of legal business structure, and new routes to qualification – and it becomes evident why the firms that train best, perform best.

Modern organisations use modern practices, and expect similar adaptability and forward thinking from the professional services in which they place their trust. For example, increasing numbers of clients see it as desirable for lawyers to be adept in risk management techniques, a specialist area which requires appropriate training.

List of Courses

Understanding, Drafting and Negotiating Contracts2195,000
Anti-Money Laundering/Terrorism2195,000
Contract Administration2195,000
Labour Law and Industrial Dispute2195,000
Environmental Law Review1120,000
Alternative Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Skills2195,000
Writing Effective Policies, Companies Manual and Procedures2195,000
Corporate Secretariat Practice: Legal and Compliance Aspects Course2195,000
Contracts and Tenders Administration Course2195,000
Legal Aspects of Debt Collection1120,000
Masterclass for Personal Assistants, Company Secretaries and Legal Advisers2195,000
Operation Manual and Service Level Agreement Workshop1120,000
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics2195,000

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