Training Overview

The ICT industry today needs quality professionals in the field of Optical Fiber Design & installation especially due to the demand for fibre to the home (FTTH) and the Laying of Fiber communications infrastructure in the Outside plant (OSP) due to the implementation of the National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) & 5G and the ever-increasing use of Fiber in the next generation 40G/100G Data centers. This is currently seen happening due to a demand for faster broadband speeds required for the evolving needs of the consumer.

However, what’s a major concern today is the widening gap in skills amongst installers – many of whom may have previously only worked with copper – and, as the current workforce ages, there are fewer youngsters coming up through the ranks to safeguard the industry’s future.

List of Courses

Backhaul for HSPA & LTE2250,000
WAN Technology2250,000
MPL/VPN Training2250,000
GSM/GPRS Infrastructure and Operation2250,000
Multiple Label Switching (MPLS)2250,000
Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Training2250,000
Fiber Optic Cabling Training2250,000
LTE for Commercial Professionals2250,000
IP in Modern Network2250,000
VSAT (Very Small Aperture) Training2250,000
Effective Policy & Changing Control Through Diameter Signaling2250,000

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