Health Management Organization (HMO)

Training Overview

The Health Maintenance Organization training is focusing on overall patient wellness and preventive healthcare while keeping costs low for its members by only covering in-network physicians and facilities.

List of Courses

NHIS Regulation, Legal and Product Framework1110,000
Managed Care: A Value Driven Concept, Product Development, Provider Network Development1110,000
Provider Accreditation Credentialing and Quality Assurance1110,000
Case Management Utilization Review1110,000
Brand/Relationship Management1110,000
Enrollment and Delinquent Premiums1110,000
Preventive Health, Wellness and Case Management1110,000
Finance For HMOs (Profitability)1110,000
Billing and Claims Administration1110,000
Health Insurance Underwriting2195,000
Underwriting for HMOs1110,000

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