Healthcare Providers

Training Overview

The healthcare industry is a very competitive environment, and clinical institutions have to deliver an ever higher quality of care – while staying within budget. A skilled and motivated staff that’s always up-to-date with the latest developments in techniques and technologies is a huge competitive advantage.

List of Courses

Electronic Medical and Employee Records1120,000
Electronic Materials Management1120,000
Hospital Accounting Records1120,000
Health Financing & Financial Management1120,000
Strategic and Operational Planning for Hospitals1120,000
Claims Administration and Receivables for Hospitals1120,000
Medical Billing and Coding for Hospitals1120,000
Cost Management Strategies for Hospitals1120,000
Credit management and Debit Recovery for Hospitals1120,000
Customer Service for Hospitals1120,000
Creating and Building Patients’ Loyalty and Partnerships1120,000
Patient Satisfaction Quotient and Internal Customer Service1120,000
Procurement Cycle and Purchasing Methods1120,000

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