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    usinesses need access to world-class skills and expertise in developing strategies and building competencies, systems, and structures which require knowledge of the local culture, financial markets, and a familiarity with the international business workplace.

Bellforte Consulting is a strategic consulting firm integrating a full range of business consulting capabilities. Our partners are tested professionals with deep ‘sector-specific’ knowledge and the ability to lead and drive industry agenda. Our partners’ backgrounds and experiences ensure that our consulting services address the specific needs of our clients. We bring sharpness of focus and expertise to bear upon unique and complex problems.

Bellforte Consulting helps companies solve the toughest problems. We also facilitate training programs in various areas to improve your business performance.



Derived from the word TO-LEAD

Our Functional Pratices


  • Acculturation
  • Corporate Strategy Formulation
  • Vision Formulation
  • Corporate Restruction & Business Process Design.

Human Capital

  • Executive Recruitment (C-suite).
  • Staff Recruitment.
  • Staff Outsourcing.
  • Succession Management
  • Benefits & Compensation.
  • Backgrounds Checks.

Financial Management

  • Financial Restructiong/Financial Modelling
  • FSS Framework
  • Audit Framework
  • Treasury & Corporate
  • Financial Expectencies

Customer Relational Management

  • Customer Experience & Reward Design.
  • Discovery Surverys.
  • CRM Template- Company Specific Template Design.

Some of our coporate milestone

Strategy formulation for a newly established HMO

Business viability report for a medium-sized manufacturing plant

Business process design for a business technology "start-up"

Advisory services for an industrial bio-technology plant

Strategic restructuring of various hospital groups

Competitive strategy development for companies in the "FCMG" sector

"Recruitment and selection for listed blue companies"

Contact center setup for industries in the hospitality and health insurance sectors.

Continuous training and development for forms across industry sectors in aviation, healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing and telecommunications.

We Prepare An Effective Business Strategy For Companies

Looking For A First Class For Business Plan Consultant?

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