Value Proposition

Only employees with verified identities and work history should be employed in their organization. Where this is not done, there is a credibility gap that the employer may eventually pay for in an unfavorable manner. Verification services facilitated by us include;
• Employee Identity verification
• Address verification
• Credentials verification
• Guarantor verification
• Criminal history check
These verification services capture the relevant aspects of an employee’s life and help to mitigate workplace losses while providing additional security of assets.

Our Approach

We always commence all our consulting engagement with pre-engagement activities which is described below:

Clarifying Objectives

We will work with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your requirements and the objectives you desire to achieve in executing this project. This understanding will form the basis for the design of our implementation processes and procedures.

Terms and Conditions of Engagement

We will agree on the project scope, timeline, feedback processes, project team, fees, etc., and resolve all operational issues relating to the project proactively with the project owners before the commencement of the engagement.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) detailing our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), complaint handling procedures, etc. will be drawn up and duly signed by both parties. This document will guide our implementation process throughout the life of the engagement subject to mutually agreed periodic reviews and changes reflect current realities.

After the successful execution of all pre-engagement activities, we will phase out the implementation of the proposed verification activities.

  • We will ensure that all information obtained by us is solely for the objective of the purposes specified by your firm.
  • All information will be compiled and maintained by fair and lawful means when appropriate with the knowledge/consent of the employee.
  • All information will be protected against loss of theft, unauthorized access,
    disclosure, copying & modification to a reasonable security safeguard extent.
  • All processes are governed by the relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our fee structure aligns with the structure of our proposed solution. (Fees are sometimes negotiable where volume is assured). We expect 80% of the agreed fees to be paid on commencement and the balance of 20% will be paid on completion of the project.